Andreas Nikolic: Leadership with customer needs in focus

Meet Andreas Nikolic, Chief Operating Officer of the NTEX Group, a leader with solid experience and a vision of growth and customer proximity that defines his leadership. Now within two years as COO of the NTEX Group, he is helping to lead the company through an ever-changing and challenging landscape, both within the transport industry and throughout the world in general.
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NTEX is investing in sustainability: Meet Karolina Skeppner, newly appointed Manager Sustainability, Quality and Environment at NTEX Group

Karolina, our newly appointed Head of Sustainability, Quality & Environment at NTEX Group, brings a rich experience and fresh perspective to NTEX. With only three months in her job, she has already delved into challenging and exciting tasks, and is helping to drive the company towards a more sustainable future.

A year of logistics advancements

New warehouses in Gothenburg, Helsingborg, and Stockholm. Focus on sustainable practices, new job opportunities – and, as always, a personal touch. While many companies and industries have approached 2023 with caution, NTEX has invested more than ever.

Leading the Charge: New E-Trucks in Helsingborg and Stockholm

In our pursuit of a cleaner and more sustainable future, we proudly introduce the latest additions to our fleet – Volvo FL Electric Trucks for distribution in Stockholm and Helsingborg.

Anna Hansson Appointed Traffic Manager for Germany at NTEX

Anna Hansson, former COO of Eurolink, owned by NTEX, has taken on a new role within the company. For the past few weeks, Anna has been working as the Traffic Manager for Germany at NTEX.

Read Ström’s mind

Thomas Ström, founder of NTEX, has worked in the transport industry for over forty years. On his blog, he shares his thoughts on shipping, current events and much more.

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