Together we make
a difference

NTEX is a responsible company, meaning that we want to benefit and address impacts we might have on society and the environment. Essentially, it is about balancing the three dimensions of sustainability: social, economic, and environmental. We truly believe that we can bring greater impact in sustainability through cooperation.

On the front line of transitions

The transport industry is moving forward. Vehicles are becoming cleaner and more fuel efficient, and through careful planning, available load capacity is now utilized in more resource-efficient ways.

But obviously, there is more to be done to both reduce environmental impact and increase sustainable transport. We need to employ more efficient trucks, ships and aircrafts and move to a greater share of renewable energy and electrification. At NTEX, we work purposefully to be at the forefront of sustainable transitions of the transport sector.

Together with our suppliers

Every single company and vehicle that forms a link in our transport chains is carefully selected. We only work with responsible partners with clearly developed safety and sustainability policies. Our strict supplier requirements cover everything from having low emissions to a safe and healthy working environment together with our contracted partners.

Together with you

Today it is possible to ensure that your transports make minimum impact on the environment. And through active choices on your part and in consultation with NTEX there is a real possibility to reduce your company’s climate footprint significantly.

A crucial factor for the climate footprint of any shipment is the mode of transport. When conventional road deliveries by truck are replaced by trains, ships or electric vehicles, your transportations immediately become more climate efficient. But it might also be to increase fill rates, optimize routes, the use of alternative fuels or the acceptance of slightly longer lead times.

If you aim to completely minimize your company’s climate impact, we can estimate your CO₂ emissions and provide you with carbon offsets for all your shipments. We encourage you to contact us – we would love to discuss how we can reduce our common environmental impact.

We work actively with CSR

As a company, we want to contribute to a sustainable societal development. We take responsibility, including an economic and social perspective by, among other things, supporting local associations and projects.

IK Sävehof Handball and the project #viställerupp
NTEX sponsors the team’s community project for improved health, integration and inclusion among young people and children.

Other supported associations

Frölunda Indians Hockey
ÖIS Football
Lejonen Speedway Gislaved

Donations and collections

WWF – For a living planet.
Pink Ribbon – Breast cancer research charity.
Mustaschkampen – A Swedish campaign to highlight prostate cancer.

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting means that you compensate for your unavoidable carbon emissions by financing various activities that either prevent the release of, reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere. For example, your carbon offset can go to programs for planting trees, energy efficiency or investments in renewable energy. The projects NTEX compensates via are certified by the Gold Standard – a certification standard that is approved and trusted by more than 80 international environmental organizations.

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